ISpy...Bald Eagles & Bunks!

Yesterday was a gloriously lazy fall day...
lunch at Cracker Barrel...
quick run in Target...
nappy on the couch while TN tried to beat Georgia.
(didn't expect them to win, 
sure proud that they made them earn it!!).

I wandered outside to enjoy the sunset on this beautiful day &

LOOK who spotted out in the backyard!

Isn't he gorgeous!

I have never seen a bald eagle out in the wild,
& certainly never in my backyard!

I was very excited!

We are playing musical beds today.

I think that's a genetic game...
stemmed from musical furniture (which I inherited from my granny)...
Daddy P swears he will nail everything to the floor if I don't stop moving stuff around (translated as "I am sick of moving this heavy stuff every time you get a wild hair to redo a room in this house")...whoops!

I'll will share more about this adventure later...posting now could lead me to get off task & I really need to get this done while the muscle is home! ;)

I can't remember if I mentioned that we are having BUNKS built in our playroom (thus, musical beds...I need those twin mattresses for the bunks). I've been collecting pictures on Pinterest for awhile, planning to give our little playroom an update. 

Here's my inspiration:


and here's where we are so far:

I am diggin' it! 
(& I'm wondering...should I paint it a color or paint it off white like the trim & bookcase across the room???).

Our super talented neighbor & friend, Brad of Bradley Homes is doing this project for us. He also did our Foyer last spring (& y'all KNOW how OVER THE MOON I have been about that!!). 

I am tickled to death to have Bradley Homes as one of my new Sponsors!!  Do hop over & visit their facebook page and drool over his work...he is such a gentleman & a sweetheart, I couldn't be prouder to recommend his work!

Ok, got to get busy...
Hope you guys are having a super weekend!