Motivation on Monday...

One week until Fall break...

I can, I can, I can...

That must be what is wrong with me lately.

I am irritated & feel stressed out.
We've been way too busy!

I'm heading to the gym this morning 
(that's probably what is really wrong)...
I'm going every day this week...
don't even think about getting in my way!

I miss my blog,
I miss my crafty fun...
Ack, I'm whining!!!

I definitely need some motivation!

Let's chew on this one:

 think beautiful thoughts

ah, yes & this...

 Awesome... and scary.

yep, perhaps I should jerk myself up.

Guess who came to visit this weekend,
my nephews, William & Joseph!
Love, love!!!

Joseph was happy to toss me a few gummy grins when I pulled out my big camera. William was much too busy ("live action"), but I did manage to get one decent shot. They are both getting too big, way too fast!!

Sneaky E did not want his picture taken,
but he did want me to snap a few shots of the lego creations that he had been working on that day.

(& I finally got my camera/computer fixed, amen...let the picture sharing begin!!)

I found this great cleaning schedule,
in case you needed one...
this one is awesome & I promise it will make your life some much less stressed (perhaps mine would be less stressed as well if I also used it).

 Once in the habit, it takes about 20 minutes to keep your home clean! organization

Have you made this awesome Beef Stew?
Seriously, grab a beer & make some! ;) 

Pioneer Woman Beef Stew with Beer & Paprika

Beef Stew with Beer and Paprika (Pioneer Woman)

I'm heading to the gym,
you guys have a fantastic Monday!