Motivation on Monday...Tuesday Style ;)


If you're like me, 
it's almost noon on Tuesday & you could just swear it's MONDAY!!!

Sneaky Monday holidays!! ;)

Today is crack crazy at my house...
Miss O has to cheer at a game at 3:30, 
it's about a 40 minute drive in one direction...
then Big O plays football at 6:30 & 
it's about a 40 minute drive in another direction...

I'm resting,
I might even eat chocolate!!!


It's Homecoming week... 

today is Super Hero/Villain Day...

Miss O was combing the Goodwill yesterday for a costume, 
& I found one for Sneaky E for $5.

These three make me giggle!

I found some wonderful motivation to share...

 Simple but true

I can like it. :)
Hope you guys have a great day!