Puppies, Kittens & Pet Peeves...

(Warning: Crazy Ramblings ahead)

I had the nicest thing happen to me this week...

I noticed that someone had linked to my blog & they referred to me as

"Author of Crafty Southern Mama".

Made me feel kinda cool & 
unlike the lame, desperate housewife that I really am. ;)

That incident sprouted a little mental list of things...
good things that I like about my life.

I'm generally a very happy person,
I am just gonna be happy...
so you better get the heck out of my way...
that's my plan everyday when my feet hit the floor.

I love laughing & smiling.
That's the best...
I exhaust myself smiling at people &
I LOVE the looks I get from people at the store when I look them in the eye & SMILE...they smile back (usually) & I love that! You can turn a person's day around with a smile...don't believe me, go try it & see!

I love fur babies...puppies, kittens...
I would run a homeless animal shelter from my house if Daddy P would let me. I have the biggest soft spot in my heart for an animal who needs love!

I love kids (most of the time), 
especially younger kids who are still under a cloud of innocence...I loved teaching first grade, it was the most magical place...little miracles happening every day! Kids come in one day & they can't read...the next day the light comes on & they're reading up a storm!  They love with their whole heart, never make fun of your singing or terrible fool dancing...gosh, I miss first grade sometimes!  Maybe one day I'll get my ears fixed & go back.

I love helping people.
I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it, I would get up in the middle of the night to come get you, I would send my husband out into the dark to find your horses if they go loose...that's just me, always.

I love coffee.
I love my coffee time...
it's quiet, it's delicious...
it's mine, ALL MINE!!

I love this event...

here's our team shirt for this year


I don't love all those extra names on the back,
but I DO LOVE my friends & family coming together to help me kick cancer in the a-double-s! 

Kick it!

Now, before you have to barf from reading my sappy sap...

I'll tell you...
I may be the happiest clam on the beach,
but there are things I just cannot stand.

I try HARD to not let them get to me, 
but on days like (today) when I want to kill my family & 
eat cookies from PMS....
it's hard not to go on a crazy tirade! LOL

Here's a few...

Frowners & Crabby People
Snap out of it, please!
Turn that frown upside down or go home, party pooper!!

Gnats & other annoying indoor insects
This drives me over the edge,
gnats in my kitchen...
omgosh, UGH!!!
Fly in a restaurant...arghhhhh!
Drives me crazy!

Little Girls Dressed in Hoochie Clothes.
Young ladies dressed in hoochie clothes.
Adult women dressed in hoochie clothes.
I think that speaks for itself, tisk, tisk, tisk.


Yes, am guilty of tearing up the road like Curella Devil...but absolutely nothing makes me want to rip your arm off & beat you with it quite like some ignorant driver SPEEDING in a parking lot, DRIVEWAY, a SCHOOL ZONE or anywhere that puts children & animals in danger.

Have you seen this episode of Modern Family?
I am Claire!

Slow down & watch out for the kids & fur babies, dummy!

Hiss, gag, spit!
Nasty, shooo!
I have told my children a thousand times...
I can handle a lot of things,
but I cannot handle that.
If they grow up & chose to smoke,
they better not EVER let mama find out...
I will spank your butt & I don't care how old you are!


Now, that feels better.
I am so busy today,
I just needed a minute to (vent) be the "author of Crafty Southern Mama". ;)

I'm curious about your guys now.
What do you love, what makes you want to slap someone? 
Come on, I know there's something that makes you want to throw your arms out wide & sing from love or something that just drives you crazy!

Leave a comment here or pop over & share on facebook
I'll pick someone to receive a happy treat. :)

Hope you guys have a great day,
it's going to be crazy here for the next three days.
I'm also cleaning out closets, please visit my ebay listings & take this stuff off my hands!

I'll be back to semi-regular blogging/ramblings next week. 
Toodles! :)