Warble of Words on Wednesday...

1. I have averaged ONE day a week going to the gym this month. This week I'm 0 for 3...I am not proud.

2. Big O is home sick again. He participated in a barf-o-rama upstairs on Monday night...he is still down with a fever & is weak...every time I look at him I feel queasy. True story.

3. Turtleman is Sneaky E's FAVORITE
"Live Action!"

4. Cleaning up a barf-o-rama will cause you to lose your appetite (& maybe cry a little too...omg).

5.  A trip to TJ Maxx with your bestest friend forever will indeed make you feel better.

((5.5.  I still have a Hunger Games hangover...it's almost embarrassing!))

6.  You will feel less guilty about how much you spent at TJ Maxx when your bestest friend forever spends more money than you...(that's what best friends are for, right?). :)

7.  My nephews, William & Joseph are coming to visit tomorrow....
"Live Action!!" ;)

8.  Weiner dogs rule. I mean it! They do!

9.  My other bestest friend forever is going on a grand vacation tomorrow to Wyoming. I am going to steal her precious boys away from their daddy & spoil them while she's gone. Don't tell her!!

10. My children are going on a dam tour with my parents on Saturday. The word dam has been spoken by children & adults at least 600 times in the last four days...

That's all I've got. ;)
Wishing you a warble of wonderful on Wednesday!