What's Up, Friday?

It's been one of those weeks...

you know...

the kind where nothing really goes wrong,
but nothing is exactly going right.

one of those.

I was happy see this in my bedroom floor this morning
(even happier that it was in the floor & not in my bed)...


I've wanted to sit down & blog several times this week,
but I like to keep things light & fun over here...

Last weekend a sweet, christian lady who was dear to many of my neighbors & friends had a heart attack & after being on life support for a couple of days, passed away.  I had met her a couple of times, but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to get to know her...I hate that, because she was loved dearly by many.

I felt a bit disrespectful coming to my blog to be chipper & happy (when I really wasn't feeling it) & when so many of my friends were grieving the loss of sweet Lori Crowder, mother of four beautiful children. I've prayed for them so many times this week and will continue to do so this weekend as they lay her to rest.

I did hear that eight different people received ORGANS from this wonderful woman, eight amazing gifts...it took my breath! I immediately yanked out my drivers license & made sure that I had signed the back. Life is so short & things can change in the blink of an eye...now that she is gone, her children will know that EIGHT people on this earth share her magic & that she is indeed still here with them.  

Amazing gift....have you signed the back of yours?  


I've been having some issues with my computer & the techie guys were here this week to fix it, but now it is doing something else...& I cannot get my pictures off my card reader (again) it's giving me a headache...it makes me want to say bad words.

But I won't. ;)


We did our fun family 5K last week,
Sherry's Run!
I didn't get to run this time...my knee is still not right.

Big O ran & finished in 28 minutes, 
I was so proud of him!

Here's a shot of the fun,
we are so blessed to have such great friends 
to come help us support our favorite cause! 


This week was Homecoming for Big O,
I would LOVE to share pics of this & I will...
when I get these darlings off my card reader. ;)

I will share this...
my little ladies man sitting with the Homecoming Court...


he just talked & talked to them...
the boy knows how to charm a pretty girl! ;)

Well, I've got to go fetch Sneaky E...
the little rat just LOVES to sneak down to my neighbor's house
to play with their super cute son...

every day.

(did I mention every day!?!)

I know they are just as sick of seeing him at their front door, 
as I am sick of hauling him back up the hill to our house...

That's what they get for being so cool, I guess. ;)

I'll be back,
(I hope)...ha.

I've got to tell you about my two new sponsors 
Melissa Craig, please email me with your mailing address...
she's the ONLY PERSON who shared her pet peeves last week,
I'm sending her a treat! :)

Happy Fall Friday!