Sassy Pumpkin Centerpiece

I've been trying to decorate for fall...

I love that sometimes,
but this year it just hasn't been as fun for some reason.

I guess because I know it's just for a few weeks &
then I'll have to take it all down 
& do it AGAIN
with my Christmas (NO, not yet) decorations.

It's exhausting!

In attempt to "keep it simple"
(& last me thru Thanksgiving),
I put together this sassy little centerpiece for my kitchen table.

A friend of mine sprays her pumpkins with a clear coat of shellac 
& they are the prettiest I have ever seen!

I'm too cheap for Shellac...(ha)
so I picked up a can of Rustoleum Clear Gloss & decided to give it a try.

Here are my pumpkins (& K9 American helper)...

nice, pretty...

and after a coat of the clear gloss...

nicer, prettier... ;)

They looked rad on my kitchen table,
but still needed a little "something-something"
(that's pronounced "sumpin-sumpin", in a quick fashion♥)...

I picked a few leaves off the magnolia tree to add some garnish...

& then paired it with some iron chargers and my favorite "La Plates"...

and for about $18 I have a nice centerpiece for fall (happy). :)

Have you guys been decorating?
I would love to see!

Share a link to your blog in the comments or visit the Crafty Southern Mama facebook page & share some love there.

I've got to get busy here,
techie love is coming out to work on wii-fi & fix my printer...
love him!

Rad Brad is finishing up on the bunks this week.
My lights came in yesterday (SO happy with them).
I found some fabric at Joanns for new curtains &
I'm trying to decide what do put on the bunk beds...
I'm thinking quilts...
ahem, like this...

 Union Jack Quilt from Restoration Hardware

P Daddy would  blow a fuse...

I'll keep you posted,
I can't wait to (finish it &) share it!

Happy Thursday, Friends!