Thankful Mama on Monday...

I decided to just start fresh, 
it's Monday.

Last week was a stressful week at our house.
A week of praying & thanking & healing.

Big O & his dear friend were in an accident last Sunday afternoon riding their 4-Wheelers. 

Before you ask... 
YES, I think 4 wheelers are dangerous.  
NO, I did not buy him one. &  
YES, (thank God) they were both wearing helmets (which truly saved their lives).


Like many of the hobbies that Daddy P & the boys enjoy, that one I have just had to let Jesus take the wheel (and last Sunday he definitely did).

I don't think I have ever been so scared!

Long story short:

The kids were driving too fast,
one decided to turn,
the other turned the other way to miss them,
they both flipped & flew like rag dolls.
(Owen was barefoot, as the impact FLUNG his shoes & socks off)

Both lost consciousness & could not recall events when the paramedics came. In our little town, that's an automatic (very expensive) helicopter ride to Vanderbilt...

Let's just say that Big O can brag now that he has been life-flighted & lived to tell about it. Both of them were very lucky to be sleeping in their own beds that night with only scrapes, bruises, a concussion ((& Big O's broken wrist)).

((which we polietly declined pain meds for because we had some left over from when he broke his NOSE in September)) I swear...

Meanwhile, I woke up last Monday morning & had a fresh gray right on the top of my head!



These Kids!

He was home all last week healing. The trauma of being thrown left his body very sore. By Wednesday he was able to get out for a little bit. Thankfully, he is feeling almost 100% & is heading back to school this morning.

I just wanted to thank my sweet friends & blogging buddies on Facebook for your prayers & thoughts & cookies & cards & fruit baskets & just everything...we are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our life. I love you all, mwah! ♥♥♥

Happy Monday, friends!