Wiener Dog Fun

I'm sure I have mentioned a time or two that we have two feisty wiener dogs.

They are both great dogs...loving, lots of fun...but Lil Smokey has a very strong personality (& he's my baby).

He's been known to bite or nip at the legs of select individuals who run in the house (Sneaky E), other individuals who screech & scream (Miss O) & even individuals who just plain aggravate (Big O)...

They all love him like a fur brother, but he never lets them forget who is the one in charge. ;)

Miss O has been making these silly pictures of him today, thought I would share them with you guys. They made me laugh.

She said the slogan for this cereal was "snip, nip & crunch". Ha!

This one is totally him. He's either barking up a storm or asleep.

This one is funny because he's been known to nip...
Ok, it's not really funny unless he's nipping one of my kids for misbehaving...

Last week he nipped at my little buddy Carrie (Bad, Lil Smokey! Bad!), ((in his defense UPS had just made a delivery & he loathes brown)).

Breaking news...
"Miss Carrie!!
I'm so sorry, I thought you were UPS!!" ;)

& in case you were undecided after tonight's debate, she suggested an alternate candidate:

Walk of fame...
Everybody in our neighborhood knows Lil Smokey.

Bless his heart, he's just a big baby!

I picked up a copy of Divergent, it is the following to Insurgent. I am SO glad I did, it was even better than the first one!! Highly recommend these books, awesome reads!

& lastly, because this man cannot go out to dinner or dessert without putting on a big show:

Hope y'all had a great wednesday! I'm going to bed.

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