Decorating Inspiration...Holiday Style

WOW, it's Wednesday already!!

I've been busy this week getting my house in order for the La Plates Trunk Show that I am hosting (tomorrow, ack). I love it when I get the stomach bug the weekend that I am supposed to be getting my house in order for something like that, don't you? Classic.

When we had our playroom bunks built they had to pull out most of my Christmas decorations to get the wiring done for the lights. It was either put it all back up & drag it all back out again a couple of weeks later...OR...go ahead & start putting stuff out. My upstairs hall looks like a holiday garage sale gone bad...(so if you come over here tomorrow for this trunk show DON'T LOOK). ;)

I have been looking on Pinterest for some inspiration for decorating...
here are a few lovely things I found:

I love, love, LOVE Neutrals, Mercury Glass and Burlap...
especially at Christmas! 


cozy Christmas

How about this AWESOME metal tub for a tree skirt?

 Love a fat tree!

love the galvanized bucket

Burlap & bows Christmas tree

Of course, I have tons more goodness pinned...
hop over to my Pinterest Board & see. :)

I just printed this awesome Santa letter out for my kids.

 Dear Santa List

We were talking about it last night at dinner.
Hopefully this will help them get right to the point
(because mama likes to be done with all that shopping right after she eats turkey). ;)

I am very glad that I did a Christmas Open House post again last year.  Nothing drives me crazy worse than opening those boxes of decorations & wondering where the heck that goes...

Christmas Tree 2011

Here's our house last Christmas if you need inspiration like I do.
Let's see if I can make that happen again. :)

Jumping up & getting busy here.
I'll be back tomorrow to share the updated BIG boy room...
Sneaky biscuit is loving it!!

And sharing the updated playroom & bunks...
soon, I promise! 

Happy Wednesday!