Etsy Love...Vintage Style

I am completely smitten with Etsy!

It began as a site for artists to sell their handmade goodness,
but it is now a a place to find an abundance of treasures!

Just look at these divine vintage pieces that I found recently:

 Towle King Richard Silver Plate 14 Inch Serving Tray

Vintage King Richard Serving Plate, swoon!!!

 Silver Teaspoons QUEEN BESS 1946 Tudor Plate
Silver Teaspoons QUEEN BESS 1946 Tudor Plate, so dainty!

Vintage Topaz Franciscan Discovery Patterned Lunch Plates

Vintage Topaz Franciscan Discovery Patterned Lunch Plates,
my mother has these & is always looking for additional pieces
(look, mommy!!).

 Vintage Benedict Silver Plate Creamer and Sugar Bowl - Queens Manor

and Vintage Benedict Silver Plate Creamer and Sugar Bowl - Queens Manor...I have serious issues with tarnished silver, it's my ABSOLUTE FAVE!

 Vintage Pull Down School Wall Map of the U.S.

and a Vintage Pull Down School Wall Map...
how cool is that! 

 Set of 6 Vintage Milk Glass Compotes and Vases White Wedding

a set of Vintage Milk Glass Compotes and Vases...
these are just beautiful! 

 Mid Century 1950's Ceramic Lamb Sheep Planter Flower Pot Baby Room Decor

I covet these vintage planters...
every time I see one it makes me smile & think of my childhood. Both my grandmothers and my great grand collected pieces like this precious 1950's Ceramic Lamb Sheep Planter.

Vintage Scottie dog kitchen towel, 2 red and white checked linen napkins, embroidered, towel, dish towel, embroidery

I adore hand, love, love!!
How sweet this this Vintage Scottie dog kitchen towel!!

I have a strong appreciation for handmade goods, especially ones made by my family. I must be crazy starting on a quilt for Miss O's bed, but for some reason I feel a need to make something of that magnitude that can be used & passed down like the quilts that I have from previous generations in our family. Look at this beautiful Handmade Quilt, Double Wedding Rings from the 1930's...the craftsmanship just takes my breath away! And the price, well...there's no telling how long it took to make that...what an incredible piece!

Vintage Quilt - Handmade Quilt - Double Wedding Ring Quilt 1930's 81 X 75

and lastly, 
check out this awesome Vintage yellow soda crate...I think this would be perfect for Sneaky E's shelf, it's too cool!

Vintage yellow Pepsi Crate

The thing that draws me in to Etsy's vintage finds...most are reasonably priced or just dirt cheap, making it almost as fun as hunting in Goodwill!

What about you guys?
Have you found any good stuff on Etsy lately?

I did find this & I CANNOT WAIT to get it up in E's bedroom! I've been making some updates in there ((AND HE'S BEEN SLEEPING IN THERE, AMEN!!!))...I'll share that little project when I'm done.

Speaking of little projects...
I've got to get busy.
I'm skipping the gym this morning.
I might go this evening...
or starve...
neither sound very fun right now.
So, I'll go distract myself with laundry & dirty bathrooms...gag!

Wishing my crafty friends a wonderful Wednesday!