Thoughts on Thursday...

Fool ramblings ahead. :)

So, it's Thursday.

Here are a few thoughts floating through my head.

1. There is no furniture in my living room & it is starting to bother me. We've ordered a new couch & chair...three weeks is a long time...I'm not very patient. Has it been three weeks yet??

2.  I have been hungry for 24 consecutive days (according to My Fitness Pal). I wish I hated food, that would make being hungry much more fun. I'm happy that I have lost those 8 extra pounds & am back to my "regular" weight. That makes being hungry worth it, I suppose...are those cookies? 

 Hungry Hungry...Hippos!

3. My Christmas cards arrived today. That's right, don't hate! ;)

4. Sometime between now & this time next next month, I'm going to get those Christmas cards addressed, stuffed, stamped & mailed. Has anyone seen my clone?

5. I can't wait until next Friday! My nephews are coming to visit & staying through Thanksgiving. I've got to get out the people little toys, put my breakables away, get the high chair out of the attic....I LOVE it when those stinkers are here!

6. I'm already thinking about TURKEY and mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, creamed corn, buttered rolles, dressing, cranberries, pumpkin pie...(see #2.)...

7. Sneaky E still hasn't lost that fang looking front tooth yet. The permanent tooth has shoved it completely out of the way & he is totally rocking the Nanny McPhee look now...I'm serious!

Nanny McPhee!

8. I looked in the mirror yesterday on accident...I need botox. Just sayin'.

9. Dried hydrangeas from the yard are looking sassy in this basket, but they sure are messy (of course not in that picture because I just swept up all the mess)!

10. This is P Daddy, he's adorable...I love him. The end. :)

Hope you guys have a super Thursday!

I'll be back with an awesome recipe for your Thanksgiving table tomorrow!