Dear Santa 2012

Dear Santa,

I have been an ever so good girl this year.
I have tried very hard!

If you don't mind, 
I would like to ask for a few little things for Christmas.

This year I would really like to have some new 
 like these from Target

jammies are my life
bedtime is my life
jammies = happiness

I would also love to have some new perfume,
Chanel Chance...they have some at Macy's. :)

I really need a new crock pot!
Any ole kind will do.

I wouldn't mind one of these...
(( just sayin')) 
it sure was fun riding when we went to the beach. ;)

I would be tickled to get something that was 

I LOVE the scripty font
& the round monogram too. ;)

and if you think I deserve it,
and I DO
I would love some new charms for my 
Pandora Charm Bracelet. :)

These are some that I love...

the camera, because I love to take pictures

football, because I love being a football mom

or the family charm, because I love my little family

Any of these things would be great,

More than anything else in the world,
this year for Christmas I would love 
for P Daddy's granny to get well. 

She has been feeling poorly for 
too long and it hurts my heart.

I love you, Big Granny...
please get well soon.