Ghost of Christmas Past...Goodness

While looking for something else entirely,
(the story of my life)
I noticed that I have a few
Christmas related projects that I have done 
& I thought it would be fun to revisit them in one post
so that I could share with my newer readers.

Some are awesome,
some are lame.
But I shall share them 
all the same. ;)

Christmas Fun Reindeer Cookies.

(if I ever get this tree decorated, I'll do 2012) 

(beautiful gift for yourself or a friend)

 Yep, just a few.
Just thought I would share. :)

I'll be back to show you some wreaths.
I love wreaths!

P Daddy & I have been working on this tree.

We got ready to put the lights on yesterday 
& realized quickly that I bought the wrong kind at Kmart...
white strand,
not green.


He went to Lowe's & got the correct kind.

We got started putting them on,
but alas we did not have enough.

He's at Lowe's now.

The whole thing is almost comical.

Almost. ;)

Happy Sunday, Friends!