Hello, there!!



I survived Christmas 2012
& am alive to tell about it!


I didn't get that Land Rover I was asking for...
like I really expected to get that
but I DID get to see one BIG 
Christmas Wish
come true!

Big Granny...
getting love
from all the great grand babies!

Pure happiness!

 What about you guys?
Did you get everything you wanted?

We had to run to Target yesterday for Big O 
to swap out a gift & other than that,
we are doing great!
(as I DO hate to do the return thing)

It was busy & large at our house!

As soon as exams were over &
the kids were out of school...
Miss O immediately had this mock flu virus,
which she kindly passed to P Daddy...

we had volunteered to host his big family Christmas
at our house on Christmas eve,
so I enjoyed cleaning my house & 
caring for my sick man-child. ;)

So glad that was a short virus!!

Here are a few quick shots from 
our family Christmas...

Poor P Daddy still looking glassy eyed from having the flu.

Miss O & hunka love, Joseph

My gorgeous sister, Kim & William 

William showing Joseph how to ride his new toy.

Grandma & Nana showed up on Christmas Eve in matching outfits, too cute!

Big O & my daddy enjoyed showing off their awesome 
new Griswold Family Christmas tee shirts...

lots of smiles & love :)
my fave! 

it's time to start taking it all down...

SO not my favorite part.

How about about you,
did you get it all put away already
or do you wait until after the New Year?

It's 9:58 am
& I just heard some feet upstairs...
that's some SERIOUS sleeping in for my folks!
I guess I'd better fix 
some food before they tear my kitchen apart! ;)

Just wanted to pop in here
& say hello!

Hope everyone had a