Things I wish I had time to make...


If you're anything like me,
you have a whole board 
ideas pinned on Pinterest.


I have 

Since it seems like 
I might never get around to making any of it...
I thought I would share with you...

I wish I had time
(or Things I have no idea why I pinned
because I am never going to make...) 

I guess I could also call it...
Things I am in awe of & 
am way to lame to make myself...

Let's start here...
the coveted Ruler Project

I adore this ruler from Dear Lillie!

((never going to happen))

How about these...
matching skirts for me & Miss O!
 (she would choke me for sure)

How about just one for little ole me...

 Sewing Patterns, Olive Ann Designs, Me & Mama (Adult Version)

here's good one...
 I definitely need to make these, asap!


and this...
I love this!  

I would love to waste away an entire day,
(I really & truly would, he's too cute)

Free pdf pattern for a Chewie stuffie.

Here's another cutie...

In my spare time, 
I'll whip one of those up.
(it really is delicious & adorable though) 

love for the play room!

I covet...
this divine 

I love that whole blog!

jellyroll floor pillow, divine!!

I REALLY do need to make time,
to whip up a few of these...
I have ONE pitiful, stained oven mitt.

My kitchen would be so happy to have 
some sassy ric rac pot holders like these:

Ric-Rac Potholders

and how about this...

Nothing makes me want to be hateful
quite like running up on someone trying to sell me a 
$5 embellished cap for $35.

But yet, 
I cannot seem to find the time to make any for myself...
I shall keep my $35 & 
be hatless.

So, what about you?
Do you pin things that you're never going to make too?
Please say I'm not the only one!!!
Share a link to your pin boards,
I would love to check them out.

It is 9:47 am,
I guess I'd better go 
my kids...

good grief!

Hope you have the happiest 
LAST FRIDAY in 2012 today!