I have not blogged all week.

I am having some antisocial block...
or something.

Everything in my head is just 
blah, blah, blah.

I'm out of Fizzy Sticks,
that's probably why.

I have too much on my mind,
still don't have the TREE decorated, 
etc, etc, etc...

I'm on overload...

Today is a prime example...

(warning...rambling misuse of dot, dot, dot ahead...)

got out & went the Sam's Club with my little buddy, Carrie.

We loaded that car down!

Get home, 
unload car...
eat lunch...
gather strength...

go dig out tree lights from big garage...
haul tree lights up to the house...
((all while keeping vicious wiener dog from gnawing on FedX guy))
test all EIGHT bags of lights... 
NONE of them work!

Classic Clark W Griswold moment...

One set of lights had the round real glass balls,
of course I managed to drop that & busted three blubs on the hardwood...
lucky I didn't have shards in my eyeballs!

Threw a raging mental 
(perhaps cussing, I'll never tell) 
fit over the lights.

Had a sidebar moment 
(look, a squirrel)
& remembered that Sneaky E's Christmas program is tonight.
Dug out the paper telling about it,
sure enough what he is supposed to wear

Decided to run in to KMart (which I despise),
because I didn't have time to run across town to Walmart (which is fine because I despise that place as well).

Found Christmas tree lights at KMart,
found makeshift teddy bear outfit for E at KMart,
found sassy (& cheap) cow creamer at KMart...
(I love those)

Get out to the car &
see my list from this morning
(the one I forgot to take into Sam's Club with me)
see that I still need croissant rolls to make breakfast pizza for Big O's Christmas breakfast in the morning. 
Run in Publix.
Jump back in the car & 
have just enough time to get in line to pick up my kids at school.

I feel total relief to pull into my garage.
Miss O has little homework,
Big O has a ride home after tutoring, 
Sneaky E spied a neighbor's kid & bolted off to play.


Get out of the car, 
go around & unload my goods...
head inside,
miss the bottom step...
fell onto the bench & 
RIPPED a hole in my jeans!

Before I can come up with any reaction...
besides total shock
Miss O appears in the doorway
BEAMING with excitement over the 
that she found on the kitchen table...

along with all the OTHER 
miscellaneous gifts that I forgot to go hide 
while I was focused on the tree lights.

Now, I'm just sitting here sucking my thumb & 
nibbling on a pop tart. 

I'm actually scared to leave the house...
And I've also got to go patch this 
hole in my jeans before the Christmas program. 

Don't even think about running for Mayor of Crazytowne, 
you're going to lose!

I will be back to talk about WREATHS.
P Daddy & I saw some fabulous ones this weekend in Charleston,
I can't wait to share some of them with you.

Wishing you a MUCH LESS crazy Thursday!