Jan Jamble Ramble...

Howdy., there!

Busy Beaver here... ;)

January is always a great time to start new things,
restart old things & 
just get yourself in a more productive mode.

I LOVE the feeling of "a fresh start"!

I love getting my house deep cleaned &
for a new year!

I don't love how it requires a LOT of time
& attention...
but the results make it SO worth it!

I'm going to admit,
I've been trying to stay focused on this...

but it has been a bit difficult.

Today P Daddy & I are starting the process
of having Sneaky E tested for dyslexia.

He was just not ready for kindergarten last year, 
so we waited to start him thinking it was immaturity
(because we baby the little rat to death).

The year is half over & 
it is becoming more clear to me that something is just not right.

Don't get me wrong,
the kid is sharp as a tack...
he's just struggling with learning to read.

It's not something to be ashamed of 
or worried about...
he just learns differently 
and we're going to figure out HOW he learns
& iron that little buggar down.

((but, I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it at all...))

It will be just fine
& nothing but GOOD will come out of knowing.

that's where I've been...
cleaning &
thinking. ;)

I will be back to share something interesting soon,
I promise!

Got to get back to my list.
Happy Wednesday!