Thoughts on Tuesday...


1. My laundry room is CLEAN, I mean CLEAN...wash done, folded, put away, room dusted, floor mopped...I feel like I need to give an award acceptance speech. I would like to thank the academy...

2. Did you watch the Golden Globes the other night? I love that award show the best, it features many different media venues...not just movies that I have never seen or heard of. ;)

I was loving these gals:

J Lo's dress wasn't my fave, 
but there is no denying
that she set this one on fire!

But out of everyone,
I enjoyed these two the best...
they are just hilarious! 

2. Sneaky E went to Currey Ingram Academy last week for two days of testing (for dyslexia). It was not cheaply, but it will be worth it. They really impressed me and he was happy & skipping on the way out each day. Now, if I could just get him happy & skipping when it's time to work on reading practice at home...the kid loves reading, as long as YOU are the one doing it! 

3.  Our wiener dog, Little Smokey is a biter.  He doesn't BITE, he just nips. I don't know what I am going to do with him!! He's like a super naughty child! How do you get a dog to stop nipping at people!??!

4. My precious little nephew, Joseph turned ONE last weekend!

I can't believe a year passed so quickly!! :(

We celebrated by taking a FAMILY excursion to the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga.  Love that place! We had a lot of fun that day!


5.  Do you garden?  I found this neat site on Pinterest...Sprout Robot. I am SO excited about my garden this year...but I am a total ding dong when it comes to plants, I need all the help I can get!!

6. Have you read this book? It's awesome & wonderful, go read it! ;)

7.  Have you been sick? The flu is going around like crazy here!! Thankfully, we have all been well...I have been a wellness warrior!!

8. Have I asked you enough questions?

9.  P Daddy & I are going to a fundraiser luncheon for the Boy Scouts of America today. Governor Bill Haslam is the guest speaker.  Kinda cool. ;)

10.  P Daddy & I are going to a fundraiser luncheon for the Boy Scouts of America today. He left out wearing a suit & tie... 

I'd better get on that
& also work on this...


 Happy Tuesday, friends!