Wednesday...Rambling Style


If I could just get out of this WINTER FUNK!
It's freezing, sleet/snow one day,
tornadoes the next...
now it's spring tease, sunny & 60.

My sinuses are CRYING!!

Here are a few thoughts from my 
slightly snotty head on Wednesday... 

1. My peeps have been sick this season like no other!! I continue to be a Wellness Warrior (waiting patiently for UPS to bring me more booster as I type).  Miss O was sick all weekend with this super funky stomach virus. In my opinion, it's the most fabulous one ever...your kid gets a headache & belly ache but never throws up. Amen to that! She's better finally & back at school (amen to that too, whew)!

2.  I was shopping for a gift at Ramona & Co last week & happened to mention that my (seven year old) Pandora Bracelet had a little twisty thing come loose (those little grooved spots that separate the sections). The girl took it from me, took all my beads off & gave me A BRAND NEW bracelet! Apparently, Pandora has a lifetime guarantee. I was fairly speechless!

3. My cordless keyboard is knocking on death's door...backspace button is out, delete button just died...fabulous.

4. I got this completely rad case for my new phone
it's almost like a wallet.
I got it on sale, but I don't think it is now.

I love it!
True story.

I'm going to be 40 next month. I might have mentioned it. Boo, hiss...I thought I would come out swinging, let 40 know who they were dealing with.

Unfortunately, I somehow accidentally let it bother me for a minute...everybody else gets to be 30 something, not me...
I'll be that old chick.  

Before I could book a caterer for my pity party, P Daddy recognized my distressed & promised to take me back to Charleston for my birthday. Wake up in my favorite city, I might forget I just turned 40. (ps, I'll still come out swinging...don't be fooled). ;)

6. I'm painting today.  
That's right, painting! 
Maybe that will help me get out of this FUNKY FUNK!

6.5  One might be a bit HARDCORE spendy,
if one receives an annual
version of the Cabella's catalog.


7.  The most divine & wonderful thing happened at our house two weeks ago!! My sweet baby boy, Big O was baptized.

Mwah, mwah!!
Happy, happy, happy!!

8.  Last week was P Daddy's birthday. I think he had a great birthday. He's not 40 yet, so I guess it was all fiddle, diddle dee for him. ;)

9.  Are you a reader? I love a good book, LOVE!
However, if it's too house & family suffers!
"You have no clean socks or underwear? 
I'm sorry, can you not see that I AM READING?!?"

I've been taken hostage by the
my house is a disaster...
my refrigerator is empty...
my hair is wild...
I've wearing the same yoga pants for days...

but it is SOOOOOOO good!!

10.  This child can make me laugh,
out loud...
without even saying a word.

11.  Last week I had a squall-fest... 

My most beloved, 
most favorite teacher,
Mrs. Anne Donnell...

((who is retired now &
 is quite a famous local artist/celebrity...)) 

painted this gorgeous ANGEL
print for me as a keepsake for my recently baptism.

As much as I adore it...

I was completely floored to realize... 
as I walked through my kitchen & 
the light hit it differently...

it's not an angel print FOR me...
it's an angel print OF me.


I will treasure it forever.  
SHE is the angel,
not me.

Well, I'm hopping up.
I'll be back to tell you a story about these sassy stools. :)

Happy Wednesday!