A little March Madness...


Hello, there!

How's it going?

It's Crazytowne here...
so crazy!

I have really been working as 
hard as I can to get this house organized a bit
before ball season takes off.

Once baseball/softball starts...
I swear I blink & it is suddenly MAY!

I'm ashamed to admit...
I've been whining.
CONSTANTLY for weeks...
I'm getting on my own nerves!

It's this cold weather...
turns me into a major angry elf...
we're talking smells like beef & cheese,
sitting on a throne of lies
I'm crazy.

Here's a perfect testimony to my mental state:

A couple of weeks ago we babysat
a Great Dane,


I knew we could not keep a dog like this.
But for some reason I felt the need to take him.

He only stayed with us a week &
now that he's at his happy new home,
I can't help but feel like I was just 
an instrument in God's plan for this big guy.

His original owners were closing on their house
& didn't have a place for him.

His new owners just lost a Great Dane of ten years & 
didn't want to go through the puppy thing again. 

My kids had great fun with him while he was with us.

But, I wish you could have seen him when the loaded up 
to head to his new home.  That dog hadn't looked that happy
all week long!  I knew it was meant to be!

(We interrupt regular life to babysit a miniature horse for a week.)


THIS child will be FIFTEEN next Friday.

I just want to spank his behind!
How dare he be 15 already!
It's bad enough I'm going to be 40 two days later!!



Now, I'm working on this little stinker.

Sneaky E has been having trouble this year
with phonics & reading.

We took him to Currey Ingram Academy in Nashville in January
& this past week we meet for his testing results.

Sweet pootie poo has dyslexia.

The bad news is...he's probably going to have to change schools.
The good news is...once he masters this reading thing, he will most likely overcome his disability (returning him to his original path of awesomeness).
I'm not upset, I pretty much knew that's what it was. Now we have documentation & this kid is on his way to being a reading machine! ;)

If you have any tips, wisdom, stories about your adventure with dyslexia I would love to hear them. Share in the comments, pop over to the FB page or shoot me an email. :)


I think I mentioned awhile back that I was collecting some china.

Here's a peek at the pieces I've picked up on ebay.

(gosh, I love ebay)

The print is called Heritage Hall by Johnson Bros.
It mixes & matches perfectly with my other pieces.
It's the little things.

Well, I've got to pop up.
I need to make a couple of beds,
load the dishwasher,
 fold a load of clothes...
did I not just do all those things yesterday!?!!?
(whining again).

I put together a quick tutorial to show you
how to turn a cheap, white frame into something 
fabulous by using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

Come back,
I'll show you.
& please bring sunshine with you...

Wishing you a warm Wednesday, mwah!