Beautiful Baptism Frame...

This is one of those 
"lame tutorials", 
the kind that leave you thinking
"anybody could do that".

I wanted to share
because there's a nice little story attached...

and I do love nice little stories. ;)

Back last month, 
I was so, super proud
of my Big O 
when he accepted Jesus as his savior...
in front of our church.

That takes courage, people.
I am so proud of him!

Well, on this very same day
my mother...
who is one box load away from an episode of Hoarders
(but I love her all the same)

was looking for something else
& just happened to find my granny's certificate of baptism...
dated 1949.

ON the same day of Big O's baptism.
Honestly, I don't think "things" like that just happen.

Clearly, little granny wanted her precious Big O to know she 
can't wait to see him up there! ;)

So, I'd been hunting for the perfect frame
for this pretty little baptism certificate.
When I happened upon this beautiful,
matted frame at Target.
Unfortunately, it only came in black & white.
White, I can work with just fine.

$13 & a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...
it's perfect now!

I have had tons of local friends ask me about this paint, 
so I wanted to show the process a bit
& let you see how it goes.

I put a few beat up tea lights under it
(of course I have a drawer full, don't you?)...

  Grabbed a can of French Linen

So delicious!

Now, this paint is
I mean, FLAT & dry like a stick of chalk.
In that photo above you can see some shine,
but that is because the paint is wet.

This is dry...

Now, my paint job looks awful!

That's done on purpose.
The worse the base coat,
the better the finished product...
you want an aged, distressed look.

If not,
keep painting until it's covered & smooth.

 After it is dried,
I went back over it with some soft wax.

I used a cloth to apply,
had I used the brush
it would have filled in those light cracks,
but I wanted to give it some character.

 It looks exactly like I wanted it to...
the colors look awesome with that 
antiqued certificate.

Totally a precious heirloom now!


and looks lovely in my dining room. :)

I'll pass it on to Big O one day.
Maybe. ;)

The end. 

Happy Saturday, friends!