Bloggers Block...

Is that even a real thing?

I am so random & lame lately,
I cannot string together a simple sentence...
 (warning, spew of random blabbering ahead)

Many, many, many things have happened here.

Way too many, actually!

But, thankfully...
ball season & this crazy school year
are both winding down.

Miss O's softball season just ended,
one of our least favorite seasons thus far. 
I think she may even decided to give it up
 after this season (I'm disappointed). 

But...chin up.

With softball over, now she's playing in a 
May Volleyball league. 
Looking for me on Monday night? 
I'll be over at CU.
(I'm starting to love these INDOOR sports, I might add)

The TWEEN thing is hitting hard.
Drama, drama, drama!
Oh, my!

I think I mentioned a few months back about Sneaky E being diagnosed with dyslexia and we were making some modifications for him.  I am so tickled with the kindergarten teacher he has this year, she has been so good with him...working with him on his level. He feels so safe & happy & confident at school, we have been so blessed having Ms Pam this year!

However, because our current school is a bit advanced. We are sad that he is going to be changing schools (& we so love our little private school that our kids attend), but this will get our guy the help that he needs learning to read (anyone have background on the Spalding Method?). I've been doing a lot of reading up on that. Next year is going to be a big learning year for my Pootie (aka Sneaky E).


I've become obsessed with this blog...
I have sat for hours!!

DON'T click on that link unless you've got time to kill!

Ok, Big O & I just got back from 8th grade trip to 
Washington, DC.

These were my boys for the week...
love these sweethearts!!


was tickled to spend the week with my buddy, Lynda.
She & I are constantly trying to get a lunch date together,
but she is a busy, busy gal! It was great to spend sometime with her.

I'm already looking forward to Miss O's class going in three years! There is SO MUCH that I did not get to see! 

My sister & I live in different towns,
we text off & on all day...
((we are both certifiably crazy)) 

Lately we've gotten a good laugh over sharing stupid news stories.

Here are a few...

I sent this one to her yesterday

& her reply was...


Maybe that one wasn't so stupid...
I'm sure many a woman would love to see that! ;)

I've got to stop rambling...
we're having some house guests this weekend.
Got to go tidy up a bit.

I will leave you with this shot.
The first blooms of spring in my yard,
mauve iris that I dug up from my Granny's yard.

Makes me smile every time I head down the driveway
(which is like 300 times a day). ;)

Happy weekend, sweet friends!