Helllloooooo, April!

Whew, weee!
It's been busy here!!

We have had so much fun this spring... 
I just want to plop (that's right, plop) 
in here & share what's been going on!

P Daddy surprised us with a last minute
Birthday Trip 
to Disney World!

The surprise...
He let us go, 
even though he couldn't! 
Grandma was (a warrior) and 
stepped up to fill his place.

We spent four crazy fun 
days in Orlando with our dearest pals.

Big O & I enjoyed a LARGE birthday week!!

Dear Big O, How dare you be 15....

Bunny ear phase in full force. Even random strangers aren't safe!!

So much fun!!  

We were home a little over 24 hours & 
then P Daddy & I headed back to the airport...

We had been planning this trip for awhile.

It was such a treat turning 40 
in my most favorite city in the world, 
Charleston, SC.

Sunrise on The Battery, from The Palmer Home veranda.

The morning we were leaving,
they were filming a tv show down on the battery.
It was the pilot for a show called Reckless,
it's supposed to be on CBS this fall.

It was pretty fun to watch...
until we'd seen the same scene done twenty five times. 

Same boat floated by,
same three cars drove by,
same bald guy reading the newspaper,
same fake jogger...

We returned home to find that some 
of Big O's buddies had rolled our yard.

Gotta love it when kids love you that much! ;)

Poor guys,
we've only got two trees!! 

Today is April 1st...

Twenty two years ago today, 
I went on a date with this 
super sweet baseball player.

 My goodness,
Time flies!

 Hard believe, 
we've been together over half our lives now!
I love him more every year!

This week I'm going to be working on getting 
some PRINTS made from my Instagram photos.

A friend told me about this super fab site...

I'm all over it!

Are you on Instagram? 
I love keeping up with peeps there,
you can find me here.

What is it Miss O says....
turn that blue bar green. Ha!

Well, I've got to get busy...
crazy morning ahead!

I'm hoping for some WARMER weather 
this week so that I can get out in my 
garage & clean that nasty mess up 
and get started on a fun little paint project
for my pal, Elizabeth. 

Wishing y'all the happiest 
April Fool's Day!!