Happy Campers

I am SO surprised at all the emails I received about the little giveaway yesterday (I wish I had a crate full to send to everyone)! I'll reply to all of them today, thank you SO much for reading & participating!

The three winners were:



Let me tell you about our weekend...
I think I've finally recovered!

Another crazy fun camp party has come & gone...

Mal & Miss O had another happy birthday &
eleven little girls went home tired, happy campers!

Here are a few shots from the night...

Campers arrived at 6 & 
jumped right in the pool!

Then the high school girls arrived to do nails...
(that's so much cooler than moms doing nails, no?)

Then we enjoyed some s'mores cupcakes...

((Love these birthday girls!))


They loaded up on candy & popcorn...
and enjoy Oz Great & Powerful in the backyard.

The girls finally settled in to their tents around midnight, 
P Daddy (yard warden) got them all tucked in so Jennifer & I could go on to bed (holy cow, we were dead on our feet).

I think all the girls would agree,
an outdoor camp out is much better if you don't
place your tents where the sprinklers are...
especially if they go off at 5am.
(accident?? I'll never tell) ;)

The next morning we opened gifts after breakfast...

everything is better with a 'stache...
right P Daddy?

& I think this shot is my favorite our of all of them...

You can't see it because I am behind the camera...
sweet Mal & I had the SAME look on our face!!

But clearly, not everyone shares 
our diehard love for Katniss Everdeen...
(their loss).

It was a glorious fun time 
that would NOT have been possible without
Jennifer's hard work
(um...the props, the paper, the theater, the cupcakes...)
You get the party planner award this time, friend!

Want to know what I did Saturday after everyone left?



Camp Pryor left me feeling every bit of FORTY!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!