Lovely "New" Laundry Room Tile...

We've been in our house for six years.
And in that time,
we've never had the tile or granite sealed.

((I had no idea you were supposed to do that!!!))

A few weeks ago,
my sweet little friend, Priscilla
was telling me about how she seals hers
& was kind enough to tell me exactly what she used.

SO easy & 

All you need is a bottle of 

(I got mine from Lowes, $11 for a 32oz bottle) 

& a sponge
(I used a roller sponge like I was painting the floor, crazy simple).

Here's my laundry room tile before...


and during...
foamy, cloudy, don't panic

and AFTER...

Cha, cha, cha!
I LOVE it!!

HUGE change & 
it only took me about 15 minutes to apply it.

Next, I'm going to do the master bath.
That's a lot more tile...
I've got to get in the zone. 

Head to Lowe's, 
you can do this! ;)


I'm heading out to take my peeps to Basketball Camp...
those indoor sports,
they are totally my favorite now! ;)

 I'll be back to share a couple of before & after 
paint projects that I just finished with. 

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends!