May Madness is OVER!


I love summer vacation,
but the month leading up to it is

Speaking of hard work.

I've decided to throw the towel on Wordpress for now.
I barely have time to sit down & share my fool ramblings
without having to do extra thinking about techie stuff.

Blogging is something that I love &
has always been FUN for me,
Wordpress has made me dread.
Blogger is my friend.
The end.

So, back to the original story...

IT'S SUMMER!!!!! ;)

Both of my boys are "graduates" now!

Sweet Sneaky E graduated from Kindergarten. 

and my precious baby, Big O graduated from 8th grade,
(honk, sniffle, sniff)

sweet little thing is in high school now
& it has hit me like a ton of bricks!
Mama ain't ready for this!!

Miss O was a good sport while 
the boys were getting celebrated & 
pampered with congrats.

But only because her BIRTHDAY 
is in three weeks. 

I'm working on a Glamping party
(among other things)...
check out these cute invites I found!

She's doing a double birthday camp out 
with her friend, Mal again this year...
you know it was a blast when girls ask to 
the following year! 

I'll be sure & share that fun...

The morning after...did someone have a shaving cream fight??

last year really was a blast
& all those girls really DID sleep outside!


I am working on some blog entries for this upcoming week.
I have been an absolute warrior around here lately!
A good B12 shot will do that for ya. ;)

Please come back to visit,
I'll tell ya about 

SEALING your tile floors,
painting with chalk paint & shellac,
and creating AGED wood...
(easy peasy & looks GORGEOUS)
((all while having a dirty house & empty fridge))!! 

Whew! ;)

Happy weekend, friends!