Ten Reasons to Visit Charleston, SC

A few local friends were asking me to give them some MUST visit spots for their upcoming Girls Trip (hey, no one invited me) to Charleston, SC. I thought I would put together a quick list of places P Daddy & I LOVE to hit when get get downtown...

((warning, lots of words...no pics today, sowwy))

1.  Hank's Seafood...P Daddy's ABSOLUTE favorite! He loves it SO much, he took me there to eat on MY birthday! ;) ((Baha, I love it too))

It's fabulous & upscale...wear something sassy & make a reservation.

2.  Hyman's Seafood...Oh.My.Goodness! The food is out of this world...I catch myself daydreaming about their hush puppies all the time!! Wear elastic waist pants & arrive hungry!

Don't forget to pop in their General Store downstairs, they have some AWESOME gifts and carry the divine Holy City Sugar Scrub too!!

3.  My absolute favorite is Poogan's Porch. Their website makes them seem fancy, but the atmosphere is comfortable & the food is incredible! I think I would eat there (at some point in the day) every day during our visits if P Daddy would let me. Everything I've tried there is divine (their Chicken & Waffles dish is quite popular)!

4.  Shopping on King Street. Popular shops like Kate Spade, Anthropologie, & J Crew. Localish shops like Half Moon Outfitters, Oops Co!, Savannah Bee Company.  Did I mention the oodles of amazing Antiques!?! Swoon!! There's something there for everyone. I love, love shopping on King!

5. Second Sunday on King...the coolest ever! If you're lucky enough to be in town when the second Sunday falls, be sure and make an evening of it over on King Street! A section of this busy street is closed to traffic, some shops are open & the restaurants put tables right out in the street for outdoor dining (Butcher & Bee, anyone??)...SO MUCH FUN!!

6. Dogs. Dogs. & More Dogs! Locals love their furry friends & we thoroughly enjoyed watching all the different breeds out for a stroll! When you stay downtown the best time to get out to wander the streets & look at the houses (MY ALL TIME FAVE ACTIVITY...the bricks, the moss, the porches) is from 7-9am (sounds early, not when it's hot as Hades by lunchtime there...get up & go out, nap later) & from 5-7pm when the locals get home from work.

7. Charleston City Market...tons & tons & tons of neat things to see. We LOVE the shops located in the inner section (Charleston Angler, etc). We always pick up the nicest gifts when we wander through.

8. Dock Street Theater (located on 135 Church Street, why do they confuse us?!?)...completely renovated & absolutely stunning! If you can catch a show while you're in town, I highly recommend! 

9. ((I'm getting close to ten...ACK!!...I could go on & on!!!)) Charleston Farmer's Market on Marion Square. Go out of a walk or jog on Saturday morning & run through the Farmer's market, it is one of the BEST we've ever been to!

9.5 Nightlife on East Bay Street...head down after dark. SNOB, High Cotton, Magnolia's, Cypress, they're all wonderfully upscale & sassy (consider reservations). Get prissed up & make a night of it, grab a Pedi-cab ride home. 

10. (((I'm squirming now trying to come up with a finale when I could list ten more...)))  

Ok, number ten of MUST DO things downtown...

The Battery

It's free & it's GORGEOUS (especially at SUNRISE, trust me).

If you are in the mood to walk, start at Waterfront park & make your way down past East Bay Playground, Historic Charleston Foundation, Rainbow Row & around to Battery Park. I can't gather words are adequately describe the beauty, it's just really something to see. ((& look for that tree in the middle of Battery Park that has the LOW hanging limb, perfect for a photo opt)).

Sigh...I love that place!

Well, I will stop here...have anything to add? We would LOVE & appreciate your suggestions. Please leave a comment OR visit Crafty Southern Mama facebook page to tell these sassy southern girls what to hit while they're in town.

Thanks, friends!

Have a beautiful Sunday!