Words...a Summer Variety

I've been collecting words this summer...
every time I hear my family say something I don't want to forget,
I quickly type it into my phone on the little "notes" app.

Some funny, some just sweet...
(& some not)
life at my house is never dull,
not doubt about that!

Here's a sampling...

 Hard Core

After a super busy week at basketball camp,
I was bragging on Sneaky E & his hard work at dinner.

He was so puffed up & proud to get bragged on...
he just pulled his shirt right up & announced that we should all checkout "his FIVE PACK" (from all that working out). 

He's hard core.


Sneaky E had his sweet buddy Luke over to swim...

They're all greased up with sunscreen & heading out the door...

Sneaky E turns to Luke & says 
"you know, I think we are brothers from another mother"

(yep, kid...you are)

 Bathing Beauty

I purchased a DARLING Mudpie swimsuit cover up to wear to the pool, just darling!! As we were loading up in the car to head over, Sneaky E looks at me strangely & asks "mom, why are you wearing your pajamas to the pool???"


 Follow Me on Instagram

The setting: Sneaky E busts into the room all excited!

Sneaky E: "MOM, Avery is following me on INSTAGRAM"

Me: "Um, ok"

Sneaky E flies back out the door...

Me: (thinking) "but you're not on Instagram...& I bet Avery (his little kindergarten buddy) isn't either"

But, let's not tell him...

Important Info LOST

One afternoon Big O & Miss O had been arguing (shocking, I know), so I took away their phones. After a few hours of torturing them with housework, I felt like they had earned them back. I handed them both to Big O & told him to give Olivia hers and APOLOGIZE (& that I would ask her if he did). He says he will & walks into the house with them...

Exactly 42 seconds later Miss O comes storming outside wailing & crying..."he took it off, he messed the whole thing up, I worked SO HARD on that for two weeks!!!!"

After a minute of trying to get the story out of her...
between sobs & drama 
I find that she thinks Big O deleted an app off her phone.

(in the whole 22 seconds he walked from the pool into the kitchen). 

Kids are pretty quick these days, so I thought it might be possible  
(could these two be more ridiculous!?!?).

I decided that confronting him about it would require me to know which app she was referring to so I asked her..."well, which one was it".

She pauses from her sniffling & teeth gnashing to say...

"Fluffy Friends"



The setting: Lunch at the kitchen counter & Sneaky E is "hangry" & whining while he waits for his lunch to be served (did I really just say served, like I'm the lunch lady?)

Sneaky E: "wah, wah, blah, blah, whine, whine"
Miss O: (looking up from Fluffy Friends app) 
"UGH, Evan! You are so SPOILED!!!!"
Sneaky E to Miss O: (eyes narrow) "You mind your own business!"

(that's right, sister)

 My Big Fat Greek Salad

I find this mouth watering recipe on the Pioneer Woman site for a Greek salad, drag my kids to grocery to buy everything I needed, slaved over it for a good 20 minutes...

then at dinner...

Me to P Daddy: "You didn't eat much of your salad (that I spent twenty minutes preparing)"
P Daddy: "oh (long pause)...well (short pause)...
I don't really like a Greek salad"
Me: silence, eyebrow... "oh, (short pause) alright..." (who knew)
P Daddy: "I really prefer an American salad, you know...not Greek"
((he lost me)) 
Me: (thinking to myself) "give me a word, any word & I'll show you how the roots is Greek"

 (that movie never gets old)


I've been painting like crazy this week,
can't wait to get some good pictures & 
share these projects with y'all!

Happy Friday, friends!