On My Nightstand...

& lap...

Oh, this book!!!

I recently finished the new Lynn Austin book, All Things New & absolutely loved it!

A friend suggested I try her Refiner's Fire series (three books). I was so unprepared for how this story would make me feel. I love Gone With the Wind & the Alexandria Ripley Charleston series and this book, Candle in the darkness is very similar to those.

The main character, Caroline feels a strong calling from God to help bring an end to slavery in the south during the Civil War. She is cut from the very same mold as many other southern belles of her time, but does things that my weak faith has a very hard time accepting.

I had to put it away for a few days & get my attitude straightened up. I try to always do the right thing, but this strong character risks her reputation and even her life...I am just not as brave as she is!

I'll keep you posted on this series, I'm about to start book two.

Happy Monday, Fellow Book Nerds! ;)

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