Out in the yard...

Oh, my stars!!

There's so much going on here right now!

I just got my kids off to school & 
we are trying to get back into routine.

I have three different paint projects going on in the garage...


because I suddenly had to have new light fixtures installed & new curtains made & the entire living room painted (& repainted, ahem)

the inside of my house is such a mess...
(it will be worth the aggravation)
I can't share that stuff with you yet 
(without causing you undue stress).

So, today I'm sharing some goodness 
out in the yard.

I ran up on some pictures the other day &
I could not BELIEVE how much different our yard looks 
in just the six QUICK years we have lived here!!

These were taken during Miss O's 5th birthday party. 
We moved in here in late March,
her birthday is in June.

((sidebar, I cannot believe I hired this scary clown...omg))

You better believe we were cleaning DIRT 
out of that pool all summer long!

And here is our yard,
six years later...
landscaping that went in just after her pool party 
has started to mature &
we could not be happier!

Whew, that backyard looks SO much better now!
I'm pretty tickled with those starlight hydrangeas. 
They make the prettiest arrangements when they're dried!
If any of you local peeps would like a bouquet this fall, 
give me a holler & I'll cut you some. :)

I'm running out to the gym before I get out of the mood.
 Be back with more craziness,
don't worry! ;)

Happy Tuesday, friends!