Random Nibbles...

The month of August is always a busy one...
here are some random thoughts I've been nibbling on.

blah, blah, blah ahead. ;)

1. This is my daddy. 
He is one pretty awesome dude! I love him dearly!
True story. ;)

2. THIS child is playing football. 

This hurts me, I won't lie.

Just a minute ago he was doing this...

How dare he be big enough to play REAL football!
Shame on him!

But the sheer delight & joy on his face playing...
well...I guess I need to be a big girl about it
((and pray extra, please keep this rascal safe))

& did I mention football is the most expensive sport ever?!?!


3. THIS child is also playing football. 

How dare he be a freshman football player!
Shame on him too! ;) 

4. My Uncle Doug was in the hospital this past week 
& is home feeling good. 

My mommy is so relieved (clearly my daddy is too).

Love you, Douggie...
I'm so glad you're better!

5. Wednesday was the saddest day at our house...
As we were pulling out for school we saw that our beloved Catatar had been run over. Poor Miss O cried all the way to school, I pretty much cried all day long. I've had cats my entire life & she was the smartest, sweetest cat I've ever had. I can hardly go in the laundry room now because I know she's not going to be on the window sill waiting for me to let her in. :(

Rest in peace, Kitty Mama...
we will miss you! 

& I seriously need to stop loving animals so much...
it hurts too badly to lose one! 

6. Wednesday, despite being very sad...
we ventured out to the Wilson County Fair 
for a little mini photo session with our sweet friend, Heather!

This was totally what Miss O needed to 
take her mind off the tragic morning we had.

These three fought all the way to the fair...
made me wish I had packed "Mr. Spoon".

True Story...

7.  I had the very best time with my girls at the Bella Rustica Vintage Marketplace at Legacy Farms on Friday.  If you love this kind of sale like I do, I highly recommend it...SOOOO many wonderful things there! 

It was so much fun,
it's gotten me extra excited about the 

Vintage Goodness at its finest!!!

8. I'm starting to run out of nibbles...

Oh, here's a good bite...

I have normally been the queen of weekly spray tans in the summer time (opposed to my regular pasty white girlness).

This summer I have been using 
Arbonne Made in the Shade self tanning spray.
It is awesome
(& also has SPF 15) 
and SOOO much cheaper than a spray tan!

I spray it on sections at a time &
rub it in with some lotion to smooth it out better.

I have had a slight glow all summer &
I can assure you we have not seen the sun much at all!
If you're looking for an Arbonne consultant, I can hook you up. :)

9.  I love this picture. 
My mother's "birthday month" is just about over...
we've had a good time celebrating!
These three sure do love their grandma. 

10.   I recently finishing working on this 
really sad, ugly desk....


Can't wait to show her to you 
& tell you what I plan to DO with her! ;)

Have a blessed Sunday!