The Chest...Another Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Adventure

This month I had the opportunity to custom paint this totally


It is the most beautiful thing!
It took me a full two weeks to get enough courage together just to 

This is the inspiration for the look the owner was after.

I really like for people to show me a picture 
of what they're seeing in their head for a finished creation. 

I am no means a "copycat artist", 
so please do not hurt yourself jumping to that conclusion...
ain't nobody got time for that

I just know that sometimes what I see
 might be different from someone else 
& seeing a picture of a particular SHADE 
or the amount of distressing helps us get on the same page 
(and besides...I am well aware that I am NO Miss Mustard Seed). ;)


This vision piece had originally been a brown piece of furniture.
Clearly, my sassy chest was white...

My plan was to sand down the top & stain it, 
as well as staining a few spots here & there on the body.

The first thing I did was put a nice coat of 
Annie Sloan Coco on.
It's a great under layer for the Duck Egg Blue.

Once it was a sanding I go.

only to find that this gorgeous piece was real wood...
EXCEPT the top 
(cheap particle board, for shame).

Enter, Plan B. 

I decided to use a homemade stain of
white vinegar & steel wool to give the piece some definition. 

This method is just too easy...
but be's a stain & it will STAIN
your garage floor, wall, clothes, etc
(don't ask how I know that for sure).

The stain gave me a nice honey under tone to work with,
similar to the vision of the owner.

 Next I added a lovely coat of Annie Sloan Duck Egg...
probably my most favorite of all her colors!

This is what I used on my kitchen chairs &
I still LOVE how they turned out!

You can see where I did NOT paint the front of the drawers entirely. With the amount of distressing needed, went very lightly there. 

After doing a light sanding with my block...
(please note, the first sanding was with the electric sander) 
we were all ready for the wax
(aka: the hard part). ;)

I used the Annie Sloan Dark Wax to 
achieve this fabulous aged finish. 

I just bought a buffing attachment for my drill...
I hope my buffing by hand days are behind me now, 
but I'm certain they would have made even 
Mr. Miyagi proud! ;)

Here she is with knobs back on,
all ready to go home.

 She sure was pretty! 
(unlike my ratchet garage, mercy)...

Thank you Ms Ashlie for letting me work on this 
beautiful chest for you! :)

Local peeps, I have openings for fall painting in October. 
Please email me to get on my schedule. 

Hope you guys have a blessed weekend,
we are RESTING here...
this past week was something else, whew!

Happy Saturday, friends!

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