The Shuttered Doors...Part 1

I've had these two shuttered doors in my garage forever...
among a horrendous collection of other things
I found them in a barn on some property we used to own.

They're heavy & super nice, 
REAL WOOD doors.

Many possibilities...

I hadn't decided where to put them...
but since they were speaking to me,
I had to start painting!

I started off with a nice coat of 
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen
(one of my most favorite ASCP colors)!!

Nice, warm & just so yummy!

I didn't paint it completely
as you can see some of the honey brown still showing through.

I wanted to try & give portions of them an aged look
& you have to have raw wood for that to happen.

So, I got after them with my sander...

Please keep in mind,
these results are best achieved when one has an 
Multiple domestic pets required. ;)


Now, in this picture you can see how 
I just slapped the sander 
here & there...

totally random & taking the wood 
all the way down to the grain.

I can't remember if I've blogged about 
using vinegar & steel wool to age wood before...

Here's a site that explains how to do that.

It's very easy & one of my favorite 
(& cheap) 
things to do when painting & distressing!

I use a glass Mason jar with lid, 
pour in my vinegar & drop in a wad of steel wool.
I usually let it sit at least 12 hours before using.

It's so simple,
just dip your brush
& paint the vinegar right on.

If it's not dark enough for you,
let it dry completely & do it again.

I was VERY pleased with the direction 
this project was going in...
these doors were just shaping up so nicely.

I ran out of time to paint.

So, these darlings are just standing around in my garage...
waiting for me to come back.

(sometimes I really need a clone)

I considering going in this direction...
adding some Old White & a dash of Provence.

I am also still considering selling them.

If you're LOCAL
& interested in one or both shutter doors,

I'd be happy to custom finish them for you.


Well, I'm out of time again...

headed out to pick up the sweet little babies from school.

Thanks for stopping by...
The Shutter Doors...
to be continued. ;)

Happy Thursday!