Things I Love...

In this new Pottery Barn catalog.

(blogging from my phone, pics not so lovely)

Have you looked through it yet?
This one (& this totally absurd cool August weather we are having) is putting me in the mood for fall decorating!

We just got back from the fair. I am beat down exhausted. I'm enjoying listening to (apparently NOT TIRED like me) kids in the pool & some sweet tea on the porch.

I am so loving this basket of fall leaves & twigs!!And the pumpkins & the mercury glass & the light fixture (but not the birds, birds creep me out).

I LOVE these blues!!
These dishes are timeless, they would never go out of style.
((My mommy needs these pretty peacock dishes, she's a huge peacock fan. ❤))

I would LOVE to have this gorgeous secretary in my bedroom, it is absolutely divine!!

I wonder how mad P Daddy would be if we (*I*) painted the theater room in this bewitching navy blue...hmmmmm. ;)

Did you find anything you wanted in this one? I get the best decorating ideas from their catalog!!

Happy Sunday, beautiful friends! ❤

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