True statements pulled right out of my head.
Do with them what you will...

 1. Sneaky E + FaceTime = Potential Epic Disaster 

for example: 
Setting: Me in the bathtub, enjoying a rare soak. 
Evan storming through the house with my phone.

"MOM, MOMMMMM....say hi to Luke" 


2.  If one of my children asks me 
"WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY" one more time...

I'm going to snap.... 

3. High school boys stink worse than middle school boys.

Don't try to compete or challenge me here, you will lose. 

4. If P Daddy is not home, 
he cannot stop me from burning things in the outdoor fireplace.

Hello, pyromaniac.... 

5. If Miss O does not start brushing her own hair...

I cannot be held responsible for a psychotic Mommy Dearest episode.

I'm joking.


6. I am not updating my iPhone to that iOS there!

7.  We've already seen Taylor Swift in concert (it actually wasn't that bad), so now I must look forward to going with Miss O to see Selena Gomez.

Oh, how my daddy will be laughing!
Many a time did he take me to see stupid people in concert!!!

8.  Spoons & socks...

WHERE the heck to do they GO!?!?

9. Clean laundry is my happy place....ahhhhh.

10.  Life without Lucky Charms cereal is just not worth living.


I shall return.

I've devoted two days to cleaning out P Daddy's "little garage".
Two days of P.U. Stinky Mandy!
We are going to share it now & 
I will do my painting down there.

The dust & yuck was coming into the house while I was painting up in the other was extremely counter productive!

Plus, it's almost CAR IN THE GARAGE season! 
(as I can assure you this is as important to me as coffee)

This way, I can lock the house & 
walk down to the garage to paint & 
feel like I went to work or 
something kinda important feeling like that. ;)

I'll have to share my little work spot 
down in the man cave...

I've got all of P Daddy's camouflage goodies 
sitting next to my tools & supplies.
It's so sweet!
I can't wait see his face...

Poor guy!

I'll be back to blog about something relevant &
non-PMS inflicted soon. ;)

Have a gorgeous Tuesday!