The Little Cowboy...Bed

I still cannot believe I bought this cute bed...

and forgot about it!

I'm sure I've shared our other adventure with 
Sneak E...
the battle of the bed!

Well, I bought this super cute wagon wheel bed on Craigslist...planning on painting if for E's little cowboy bedroom (oh, how I loved that cowboy bedroom). But, E was just NOT going to sleep in that bedroom alone. Up & down the hall he went for about a year & a half...sleeping in Miss O's floor until she kicked him out & then crashing in his brother's room...AND even sliding in to mom & dad's room whenever he could. 

Long story short, the child has issues. ;)

 I ran up on it the other day when I was putting some things away out in the attic garage. It was just a fun coincidence that I got a can of NAVY BLUE Chalk Paint in the mail on that very same day!
This one is done in Southern Honey Workshop
Chawk Paint...
the color is called "Maurice". 

It's very similar to Annie Sloan Paint,
this company claims that it is exactly the same.
It is very good paint,
but the ASCP is thicker (in my opinion) 
& dries faster.
I will still use it,
({because it is indeed cheaper & quite fab})

 but it's not exactly the same.  
 I DID use Annie Sloan Dark Wax on this bed.
It went on exactly like it does over her paint.
And all too soon,
this guy was ready to ride off into the sunset
(& down the road, to my neighbor's house). ;)

He sure turned out cute!
I'm glad that bed will get to hang out 
with another little cowboy!

I'm heading out to paint for a little bit.
It's a gorgeous day & 
I've got a couple of fall break helpers!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!