Nine Things...& A Contest

All this month I've enjoyed this fun game friends have been participating in on facebook. You are given a number & have to tell that many things about yourself in a post. If you LIKE that person's status, that person issues you a number to use. I decided to join in on the fun & was given the number NINE (gee, thanks...ha).
Since it got so wordy, 
I decided to share with my blogging friends 
AND have a little contest too.
 1. I fall in love with my husband all over again at least once a week. He is the sweetest, gentlest, most loving person...he cooks on the weekends, he loves his kids, he worries about his patients. He spoils me rotten & I love that the most.
2. I wake up in awe every day of the blessings in my life, 
I am so, so undeserving of them.
3. I love pajamas, coconut cream coffee creamer, Tiffany blue, living in the south, pretty fabric, yoga pants, TN Vols, wiener dogs, exercise, good manners, home grown tomatoes, heavenly fabric softener, thank you cards, monograms, sweet tea, antique stores, flip flops & Charleston, South Carolina.
4. I (unfortunately) have two levels of attention...
"obsessive compulsive" & "could care less".
5. I love to read! I especially enjoy historical fiction...from Little House & Pioneer days to the civil war (Gone With the Wind) to the 50's & 60's (like The Help). It is so fun to learn about history just by feeling like I was there in a book (Nerd Alert).
6. I have a zero tolerance policy for cigarette smoke & people who drive too fast where animals & children are present. Zero. Tolerance.
7. Attending college & majored in Elementary Education was my cover up, I was really majoring in "marrying P Daddy"...there was no way I was letting that hunk get away!
8. Because of my obsessiveness, I've held a stew of fun & interesting "mini careers" over the past few years: first grade teacher, online shop owner, blogger, meticulous seamstress, kids fashion designer, decorator, furniture painter, hostess & best of all...mommy.
9. I love, love, LOVE old movies...Lucille Ball, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn...those are the only "real housewives" I care anything about watching.
I would LOVE for you to visit the
 Crafty Southern Mama Facebook  
page & share one big, fat, long, run on sentence telling some things about you! I love to learn things about my blogging friends! 
If you share one with me, I will enter your name/post in a drawing for a fun box containing a very sweet, special treat! 
Drawing will be held Friday morning during my 6:15 cup of coffee. 
I'll announce here & on Facebook. 
Please check back Friday morning so I can get this fun gift in the mail to the winner asap!
Come on over, it'll be fun! ;)