Recycled Kids Art Easel...

Good morning, lovies!

I'm blogging,

It's too cold to paint today,
so I'm multi tasking...
sorting clothes in closets,
flirting with putting away Halloween decorations. 

I wanted to pop in real quick &
show you a little project that I completed.

All three of my little darlings 
loved & used this wooden easel.

It was chalkboard on one side,
dry erase on the other.

I think I got my $30 out of it over the past 12 years.
And you can clearly see, 
it has been loved!

Well, no one has used it in a long time.
It was crying in the corner, 
bless it!

So, I took her out the garage & 
sanded off the stain on that funky blonde wood.

(sorry, no pictures of the process) 

I didn't get all the stain off & in the pictures below you can see how it's a mixture of raw wood & chipped up looking funky stain.

I like funky sometimes. ;)

I used a mixture of steel wool & vinegar 
and painted it on to the wood. 
Then I painted both boards with black chalkboard paint.

And over the past few months...
she has gotten a lot of attention

I'm pretty tickled with it!

I can write on it with regular chalk
or use my white chalk art ink pen (my fave).

Easy, peasy...
you could totally do this! ;)

Do you LOVE chalk art?
I have a board on pinterest,
I love to collect pictures & 
then use them to design my own. 

Just sketch it out on the chalkboard with a pencil,
then erase it gently when your done.
Easy crafting. 


Well, I've got to get back on my laundry...
plus, this cat is driving me nuts crawling up my back...


I hope you guys are staying warm
& having a wonderful November!

I'll be back soon to tell you about these guys:

Happy Wednesday, friends!