Holiday Nibbles...

I am on day thirteen of only popping in to Facebook to update the Crafty Southern Mama other dibbling. I just knew this would buy me lots more time during the day...but apparently I wasn't on FB as much as I thought I was because I am still DROWNING & SCRAMBLING to get everything done! 

I did finally get my tree(s) decorated this past week (next year I swear I am doing it all in November & turkey lovers can just hush up) & I'm almost ready to share my Holiday Open House for 2013! I love it when other bloggers share their homes decorated for Christmas, it's a great way to get new decorating ideas. I secretly like to share my house so that I will have some guidance the following year when I go to open those boxes & cannot remember where any of that stuff goes! ;)

Since it's "Flashback Friday", I thought I would share Holiday Open House from past years at my house...SO much has changed in there, wow!!

 I think those are the only two times I've (gotten my act together &) shared our home. I'm definitely sharing 2013, so please check back!

Happy Friday, Friends!!