Dressing Mama...Winter Fashion

With this new school schedule that Sneaky E has, mama has got to get dressed and go out three days a week now. Certainly, mama could just pull on her regular yoga pants (that have never been to yoga), a sweatshirt, messy bun and roll with it...but mama feels a lot better dressed up.

So, today let's talk about Dressing Mamas...for winter fashion. ;)

((Because it makes me feel more like a productive school teacher when I look the part.))

(((&  I have gotten way too cozy weaing elastic waist pants...)))

Anyway, I found this super cute blogger name Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To.
Her blog is helping me get out of my yoga pants & back into the world where people actually get dressed for the day. (ha) It's nice to have some inspiration to change the way I look at things when I go into my closet. I have been in a major fashion rut for a long time, do you guys do that?

Here are some cute outfit combos she has shared:

(I broke down & ordered this stirped shirt...it is so cute & will go from fall to winter to spring).

Her looks are simple, comfy and stylish...I love it!
Thank you for sharing your style, Sheaffer...you're adorable!

After mixing & matching some things in my closet a bit, I realized I really, really LOVE the look of an oxford with a fitted sweater, topped with a statement necklace. And, I LOVE boots, a plaid shirt, leggings and a puffer vest!!!

Back in the fall I started hunting for a North Face puffer vest for this winter (puffer & fleece vests are my life in the winter time, they keep me so warm). They are so ridiculously expensive, (but will last forever)!! I found someone selling two on ebay & snagged both a black one and a white one together for under $100 (and have worn them nearly every day since they arrived). 

((have I used enough parenthesis today??)) 

I started a board on Pinterest, pinning some cute winter looks I love:

You can see more of my Dressing Mama board here.

What about you?
What's your favorite look for this freezing season?

Are you thinking about spring yet?
What colors are you hoping to see this year?
I love, LOVE navy...
with coral, with yellow, with kelly green...
Navy is my BFF! ;)

Well, I'm hopping up...
my afternoon shift is about to begin.

Wishing y'all a warm & wonderful Wednesday afternoon,