P Daddy, Mad for Plaid...

When we first built our house there was a good sized room downstairs that was supposed to be a library/gentleman's office.  It was to contain pocket doors, built in bookcases, fire place, etc ($$$); but because there was another smaller "office/craft room" also downstairs we decided to turn this larger room into a regular room (with plans to do something with it later). 

As with any time you move into a new house with an 8 year old, a 4 year old & an almost one year old...a room with no plan turns into a room you just stick stuff you don't want to deal with & shut the door. ;) One day about four years ago, I came home to find P Daddy & his team of techie nerds (a term I use wtih respect & adoration, I can assure you) in this extra room busy as beavers...hard a work, installing a home theater! I was so furious with him! That screen stretched the entire length of the wall...it was the most obnoxious thing I'd ever seen! 

It turned out that he had bartered with someone for it & they traded out work...((which had he discussed it beforehand could have avoided me throwing a fit screeching "HOW MUCH DID THIS COST?!?!?"...))

((Yeah, I've been known to resort to theatricals...))

Anyway, despite the dark ugliness in this room...in the cold weather months that is exactly where you will find my entire family and little ole me...snuggled up in the recliner with a blanket & my dogs watching that giant tv! It has been a glorious treat! 

But one glorious thing that has never happened in there is DECORATING. I realize now that P Daddy intended to use this room as a theater room all along because he insisted that we paint it a rich, warm chocolate brown (& since I made all the other decor decisions when we built the house AND I planned to hoard my crap in there anyway, I tossed him a bone & let him). 

Since that monster tv went up we've put our old brown couch in there, we've put our old red/brown recliner in there, we've put a garage sale coffee table, rich brown velvet curtains & an assortment of mismatched (you guessed it, brown) end tables & lamps...and P Daddy's stuffed animal collection ((which are for the most part, also brown)). 

Give me a brown crayon, I'll draw you a picture.

It's a dark, dark brown place...blah.

Well, getting to the point of the story...
P Daddy has decided he wants a new recliner.

After a bit of chatting, we both decided the room could use a fresh coat of paint...

upon further discussion, I realize the man I'm married to is a closet lover of navy tartan plaid!

Have I ever mentioned my feverish love for tartan plaid?

Oh, friends...

this could really be fun!! ;)

((exept first we have got to decide what color to paint, any thoughts??))

P Daddy, Mad for Plaid...

to be continued. 

Happy Friday,