Sneaky E's Big Dyslexia Adventure...The Plan

And I'll say it thrice...;)

In our last episode of Sneaky E's Dyslexia Adventure we left off just after pulling Evan out of private school and moving him to public school in the classroom of the amazing Ms Karen Golden (you can read about this adventure here).  

Everything was going great!
Because Ms Golden's daughter grew up with dyslexia, she understood what was going on in his head. I could immediately tell a difference in his attitude about himself and school....he was just coasting along doing very well. I guess you could say we were "getting cozy"...little did we know, the cozy train was about to jump off the tracks.

In late November I ran into a friend who told me about the son of one of her close friends, he has dyslexia and was working with a tutor after school for extra help.  I walked away from the conversation thinking that this would be a great suppliment for E during the summer to keep him fresh for school, so I set up an evaluation session for him. We met with Mrs Pat Schaefer of Jubliee Education Services in Murfreesboro the Tuesday before Christmas break. 

I need to clarify that this is not something that I was seeking out. As I mentioned before, we were coasting & cozy! I have no doubt in my mind that this was part of God's plan for Evan, just as the change placing him with Karen Golden in September.

Ms Pat's testing results determined that Evan is very capable of learning, he is a hard worker, his comprehension on the 3rd grade level...but his dyslexia is one of the most severe cases she has seen in many years. In addition, she concluded that he has a tracking issue with his vision that would require therapy. I think she thought it would effect me profoundly hearing these (not so wonderful) results, but aside from the tracking issue nothing was new information for me. 

The one thing that did effect me profoundly was the words that she spoke after delivering the bad news. 

She said "this is what we're going to do".

Oh, how I have prayed to hear those words!
Finally, someone who knew what to do to help this baby!!

God is so good!

Long story short...
I'm now a homeschool mom of a first grader.
(I knew that teaching career would come in handy one day)

((Yes, we are that crazy family who pulled our kid out of school twice in one school year...(all before Christmas break) and now doing homeschool...I'm sure my parenting skills are the talk for someone around town. Guess who cares, it's not me)) ;)

We are doing a homeschool collaboration with Ms Pat and our private school (where our older kids attend)...all three of us working together to help this little rat be successful now, with the goal to transfer back into the traditional classroom as a full time student (when he is ready).

We are meeting Ms Pat three days a week (in Murfreesboro) for two hour coaching sessions in reading, then heading to private school (eating lunch in the car on the way) for social time, special classes (art, music, PE), also science & social studies. I'm filling in the gaps after school and on Monday & Friday mornings with math and all the other good stuff.

((I've turned into an upscale school bus!))

Busy times araound here for sure!

This new schedule is keeping me on my toes, but I still have a little time during the day for painting & creating (thank goodess, otherwise I would lose my mind entirely). 

Check back next week, I'm going to talk about getting these wooden mongrams on my front door (a sure fire way to make myself get that Christmas stuff off the front porch, no?)...

I'll also be sharing my shades & copycat drapes. ;)

Thank you to my blogging readers who have been praying for Evan. 
I appreciate it so much. 

Wishing y'all a warm & wonderful Thursday!