Updates in my office...

I have this wonderful little office with a lovely view.
It's tiny, it's usually a mess, but it's all mine!!
(sorry, P Daddy)

I'd been thinking about giving it some love and have some wood plantation shutters put in there. It's freezing in the winter & roasting in the summer because we get that late afternoon sun, I thought shutters might help with that. I've gotten a couple of estimates & I think for now I'll just go with shades & some new curtains for a pop of color.  I forgot how expensive wood shutters were & there is SO much I could do around here with that much money!

Right now I have some drapes from Ballard in my office. I bought them for my kitchen a few years ago & didn't like them. Instead of sending them back, I decided to just stick them up in here, they're awkward & they have never looked right but have been great for privacy & keeping the sun from blinding me in the late afternoon. 

I have LOVED these Miss Mustard Seed drapes for years now, 
so I hunted around & finally found the fabric on the cheap...
(Miss Mustard Seed has helped make this print very popular).

I don't plan to move these curtains around, they're just for a color pop so I also ordered bamboo shades for each window to help with my heat/cool issues.

All of it together...shades & fabric was about $300 (& I already have rods up).
That is much, much cheaper than plantation shutters. 
P Daddy will be happy about that.

And I think Rad Brad is going to come by soon and put this light fixture up for me in there as well (what would I do without him!?!?).

It came out of our kitchen, we had this one put up in there recently.

I would like to call everyone's attention to the fact that P DADDY installed this new light fixture for me. He has been busy like some crazy person at the office & I so appreciate him spending his Saturday morning doing that for me. Mwah, mwah!!

(& Dear iPad Mini, your camera is lacking)

This is the Claire six arm from Ballard, I'm so tickled with it!
I've got a couple more things to do in my kitchen, but a big share is coming.

that's what's going on in here while it is too cold & I've coughed too much to be down in the freezing garage painting furniture.
(I have issues, epic)

What's going on at your house?
Any projects?
Are your Christmas decorations down? 
I'll come clean, mine are all consolidated in the dining room...the rest of my house is back to normal. I'll pack it up in the next few weeks (yes, I'm in a hot rush to get that done...ha).

A lot of people use the month of January to purge & organize, do you do that? 
I sure need to!
I open cabinets looking for something & don't even recognize the stuff that's in there...well on my way to an epidsode of Jr Hoarders! ;)

Whoop, UPS just pulled in with my goods....
Blinds AND fabric arrived together!!
I've got to pop up & get busy!

Happy Productive Wednesday, friends!