Winter Porch Simple...

I'm scrambling for motivation!
This freezing cold, oh my word!

I will not whine, I will not whine, I will not....

Middle Tennessee has been blessed with ridiculous frigid temperatures this month, but NOT A BIT OF SNOW! 

Most people up north would think we're all crazy to even WANT snow, but if it's going to be THAT COLD we should at least be snowed in for a day or two!  

Last weekend I signed Evan up for baseball. I honestly cannot think about softball or baseball right now, my brain is frozen! The thought of having to get out and SIT OUT in this freezing weather makes me want to say bad words!

Yesterday I finally got my front doors dressed for winter. 

(and yes, that is Christmas decorations still on my steps...)

I bought these burlap wreaths on Etsy last year and they have been awesome for year-round door decoration! I do have a couple of other wreath pairs that I use out there, but these burlap wreaths can be tweaked for any season. 

I bought some awesome raw wood monograms on Groupdealz for $10 each back before Thanksgiving. I knew I wanted to put them on my front doors after Christmas, but couldn't decide what to pair them with (why are front doors SO HARD?!?!?).  When I found those sassy harliquin premade bows on clearance at Ballard ($9 each, yep), I knew it was meant to be ( & immediately broke out my black spray paint).

Certainly, those bows would look better placed another way...
would someone PLEASE come fix them?!? 
Wreaths are so hard!!! 
(I will not whine....)

I am furious to see that I am going to HAVE to do something about my fornt doors this spring.
Thank you evil, retched wiener dog! 

Scratching the paint RIGHT OFF the door...
ugh, evilness!

Also out on my front porch (but certainly not matching my doors...) 
new burlap pillows for the church bench!

I ordered both of these on Etsy back before the holidays (from the same seller) & I love how they turned out...they're be fetching when I get my spring decorations out there (please, hurry up spring!!!).

I'm blogging on the mini while Mr Ants in My Pants works with Ms Pat...

Goodness gracious!

He is doing great, though!
Ms Pat has to work hard to resist his charms. ;)

Tomorrow is P Daddy's birthday!

He's requested Beef Stew (Pioneer Woman Beef Stew with Beer & Paprika, a must try) & cornbread, yellow cake with chocolate iciing. I'm looking forward to that yumminess!!

I ordered him a few things from Zappos & they came in yesterday...
Olivia looked them over & immediately let me know:
  "Dad already has that".
After looking in his closet, sure enough he does!

Why is that man so hard to buy for?!?

Needless to say, I'll be running out today to do a little birthday shopping
(the alternative to hiding out at home under a blanket with two wiener dogs warming my legs)
(the very reason I was shopping at Zappos to begin with)...

Ugh, this COLD!!! 
I hope February fllies by...
hurry up spring!
(but I know better)

Wsihing y'all a warm & wonderful Wednesday!