Antiquing a Perfectly Nice Chandelier...

I'm slowly finishing up on some paint projects that I started before the holidays (thank goodness these gals were in no hurry).

Right before Christmas I decided to take a break from painting (it was just a coincidence that I came down with that epic smoker's cough {otherwise known as allergies} that lasted for three full weeks)...nothing like barking & choking for nearly a month to help you remember to wear a MASK when you sand furniture from now on (live & learn, dummy).

Sadly, I've been "on break" ever since then....
It has either been way too cold to paint or I've been driving the magic school bus or at the doctor's office with a sick kid or wrapped up like a burrito in the recliner with my dogs trying to get warm...

Winter = Blah!

**I am currently not accepting any custom paint jobs, but you can email me and get your name put on the waiting list (which is currently out till early May, crazy...I know) & I'll be tickled to paint for you when I get caught up.**

I was THRILLED that the weather was warm enough this past week to work & finally got this gorgeous light fixture antiqued for my sweet pal, Linlee.

I was really dragging my feet working on this...
I do that when I'm scared.
It was already SO NICE...I was worried sick that I would mess it up!

She is planning to replace the ceiling fan in her bedroom with this chandy...

& her bedroom is already so incredibly gorgeous!
(baby steps, baby steps...)

This is the inspiration that she sent me...
chippy, rusted, sassy...

Oh, how I LOVE!!

I finally got brave & got after it!

I started out with a nice coat of spray paint.
Yes, spray paint!
(Rustoleum Heirloom White)
I wanted to completely cover that copper, but there was no way I was planning to invest HOURS into hand painting every nook & cranny on that thing!

After applying a light coat of the spray paint, then I painted it by hand with Annie Sloan French Linen. This was a pretty heavy coating, but not covering every square inch ("no time fo dat"). THEN I went back & applied a bit of a color that I hand mixed (I cannot remember exactly which colors I used, but it gave me a nice caramel shade), AND finally, I dabbed a bit of Annie Sloan Provence here & there (which is what is the color of Linlee's frame above her bed) and a dibbling of Annie Sloan Graphite.

All of that combined gave me this magical, gloriousness...
(& this is ususally where P Daddy comes by & gives me a compliment on my work & walks out shaking his head because he's not sure what on earth I am's all in the layers, honey) ;)

OK, after I let this dry overnight (because this paint dries more slowly when it is cold).
I got after it when my electric sander.
It's just faster...

I attacked it ever so gently...
roughing it here & there.

then went back & sanded the nooks by hand with a sanding block....
(blood sweat) ;)

Then I took a break...
ate some chocolate,
talked about my crazy life with Lil Smokey...

( his expression says it all..."you are definitely the Mayor  of Crazytowne")

Then I was ready to get down & dirty...
because the dark wax is dirty work! ;)

Normally, I apply & then wipe it down...
but I decided to apply directly & leave it to dry (mostly because I'm lazy & didn't feel like wiping it down...).

The result was exactly what I was hoping for; 
rusted & aged to perfection!

I'm so tickled with the result!
Annie Sloan Dark Wax is awesome &
works like magic to antique the paint!

It's pretty close to what she was looking for & I cannot wait to see it in the room!!
Thanks for trusting me with this one, Linlee!

Sneaky E is off on a field trip today, so I have time to get down the garage & finish up these darling beds for sweet new mama, Melissa. I know she is in full nesting mode & is anxious to get these bedrooms all finished up. These are going to be so cute in their new bedrooms!

**Please note that I will not be painting anymore beds. They look simple, but they're a lot of work & not very fun. I'm all about fun & not work, so beds & I cannot be friends anymore. The end.**

(however, I will be happy to TEACH YOU how to paint your own bed...just give me a holler).

And speaking of teaching...
Are you interested in learning how to paint & distress furniture yourself (as well as completely ruining your manicure)....

I'm planning to teach a painting class late this spring (late April or early May). 

Look for details very soon.
I would love for you to come!

I'm off to the garage.
Happy Tuesday, crafty friends!