Love for Waterlogue

As if I needed something else to encourage me to waste time...


I ran up on this fabulous new app the other day & have wasted hours turning every picture in my phone library into a divine watercolor portrait (which just happens to be my most favorite art medium).

((Of course, in my defense it's helpful that I am trapped in my CAR for hours waiting on children at tutoring, softball, baseball, tutoring, hitting, etc, etc & I actually had those HOURS to WASTE)). 

But still...

Here are a few nibblets that I love & wanted to share with you guys...

Aren't they aweseome!

The app has an option to send a postcard ($1.99) & I sent a couple of these to myself in the mail (thinking that I would frame them & maybe give P Daddy one framed for Valentine's next week...he so loves his flag out beside our house).

Have you made any with this app?
I would love to see them!
Please jump over to my Crafty Southern Mama facebook page & share, I know everyone would enjoy seeing them. :)

Pootie Bear & I are about ready to jump back into the Magic School Bus & head back to town. Ms Pat has turned this child into a serious scholar, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with his handwriting and fierce determination to master reading. He makes me so proud! :)

Happiest Thursday, dear friends!
Stay warm!