Monday Nibbles...

(tapping microphone)
Anyone here?


I'm so crazy sorry for the lack of blogging. 

February weather just completely fried my brain!  

It has either been absolutely freezing (NO snow though) or it was sublime, sunny & in the 60's. Today my head is so completely stopped up & full of snot I cannot hear a thing! 

Hot, cold, hot, poor sinuses are so confused!!

We've had it going on this month though, whew...busy beavers! ;)

Here's a few things...


I took Sneaky E & his BFF, Super Sam to see the Lego movie recently. 
Have you seen it? 
It was hilarious, I can't wait until it comes out on DVD to watch it again.

Evan & Sam have been best buds since wee Pre-K...
I love these two together, I hope they will always be friends!

Speaking of movies coming out on DVD 
(look, a squirrel...)
I cannot wait unil March 7th!
shall celebrate that glorious date by purchasing the new Hunger Games movie on DVD! 
This is one of my most favorite book series (yes, I'm still 15 on the inside) & it's one of those rare times that the movie is almost as good as the book...I highly recommend!


Miss O has been busy this month getting ready for softball season...
she's been taking hitting lessons for several months & is really fired up! I had to buy her a NEW BAT a couple of weeks ago because she snapped her old one in half hitting so hard in practice! Way to get after it, Miss O!!!

She & Big O went to Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago with our youth group.

She had a large time & brought home sweet little treats for her family, as well as some germs that left her in bed for most of last week (bless it). Thankfully, she's back in action & feeling better...meanwhile I am on a sidebar barking like a seal (germs, woof).


Big O has spent the majority of this month focusing his efforts on courting a new lady...ha. 

I am afraid that he is convinced that he will be getting a vehicle with a bow on top of it in three weeks when he turns 16 (stab me in the heart a hundred times, why don't you). I've tried to prepare him, cushion the blow...I don't think he believes me. 

Sorry, kid...earning a car builds so much more character than just receiving one as a gift. You'll thank us later...(I hope).


This past weekend we helped our neighbor surprise his wife (who is also one of my dearest friends) for her 40th birthday. I choose those words carefully, because I in NO WAY get credit for being hostess (other than providing location) was all her hubby & he did an awesome job!

Danielle is next to me in this pic (in the black shirt). She is one of those girls who gets prettier with every passing year...and is even more pretty on the inside. I love her to pieces!

Welcome to Club 40, friend! You make it look great!!


In other news...

Zulily is killing me this month!!

Darn them & their TOMS sale!

I snagged some of these for Big O & P Daddy...they'll be so spiffy this spring!

Do you like their shoes? 
Miss O's foot is wide, so she won't wear them...
Mr Picky Britches, Evan will not touch them either.

I see moms wearing the TOMS original flats all the time, 
looking so adorable.
It's so unfair...
I think their original flats make my hips & butt look 10 pounds heavier, 
but I do throughly adore their ballet flats!


This dog...

could he be more rotten?
I think not!


This kid...

He has got me so wrapped up!
He is smart & deliciously adorable!
I love my little nephew, William!


And this divine little old lady cross stitch...
(bears such wisdom).

Sometimes smart people don't act very smart.
Sometimes it's clear & so simple...

and no, this divine cross stitch isn't directed at you...

or is it? Ha!
(it's not)
But just the same....
Let's all stop taking stupid pills, ok...yeah! ;)


Evan & I have become obsessive Eagle Watchers!

Mama & Daddy Eagle have been spiffing up the nest all week.

Yesterday was supreme excitement when Mama Eagle surprised us all with an EGG!

Now they are back & forth keeping it warm...
it is so facinating!


And most important thing to happen this month...
this bed!!

It has been slept in,
a lot lately...
by a certain little boy!

Amen, amen, & amen!

((& amen))

I'm going to stop here,
the sinus medicine is kicking in...

Wishing you guys a wonderful & warm Monday.
I'll be back to tell you about a couple of painting jobs I just fininished (insert another amen).