Our Big O Turns 16...

Lord, have mercy...

when I first started blogging,
my oldest child, Owen was in the 4th grade &
had just turned nine years old.

I have two kids with names that begin with O. I decided he would be Big O on the blog & Olivia would be Miss O...

I thought they deserved something fun, since I was planning to call the sneaky rat exactly what he was (Sneaky E) ha!

Back then, when I decided to call this kid Big O...

I had no idea just HOW BIG he was going to turn out to be!

((There's just something very wrong about your widdle baby having to bend his body like that to give you a hug...like you're well on your way to Munchkin land!))

 Here he is with Nana & Grandma.
Heck, we're all shrinking!

I will spare you all pages of mushy mush about this boy...

instead I will just say that our Big O is without a doubt,
growing up to be a man who loves the Lord,
a man with a kind, loving heart,
and a man who is a gentleman.

and he makes me proud.

I love you, Owen...
Happy 16th Birthday!

(Love, mommy) ;)