Cheeky China Cabinet (in Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue)

Now, that's a catchy title...
I've got to work on my titles. ;)

So sorry for the lack of blogging.
P Daddy & I have been warriors here getting this house ready to go on the market.

That whole story is one for another blog entry, 
(it's a good one, of course) ;)

Today I will just say that getting a house ready to sell is hard work...
BUT, it feels amazing to have things fixed & spiffed up (so it's all fine, even if it doesn't sell).

Anyway, about that cheeky china cabinet...

I have looked & LOOKED for a BEFORE picture to share.


this is about all I could come up with:

She used to be a plain brown china cabinet (until she met me). ;)
I found her on Craigslist last fall for $175.

(& that diamond table is for sale by the way, holler if your interested)
((look, a squirrel))

It took awhile to finish this one because my train jumped off the tracks repeatedly.

In between custom paint jobs and school bus driving I worked & worked on this cabinet using Annie Sloan French was just lovely!

took a piece of it up to the house to see how I liked it & realized that Annie Sloan French Linen is pretty much the same color of my WALLS downstairs & it looked ridiculously "matchy matchy"...well, darn it...back to the drawing board!

I still really love my kitchen chairs, so I decided to paint the china cabinet DUCK EGG blue and use the dark wax so that they could all be a happy little family. 

I wanted this piece to be crazy & rough...
completely different from all the other ((SAFE)) stuff in my house.

I think you will agree, 
this one indeed is crazy & quite roughed up...
I really love it!

I decided to leave the inside French Linen, so that my white dishes would stand out.

I pretty much had to paint EVERY INCH of this baby, inside AND out...
AND then go back over every bit of it with the dark wax!

It was kind of like childbirth...
so exhausting & miserable, 
it will probably take me three years to forget how NOT FUN it was!

(I'm serious...whew) ;)


But, I'm so, so tickled about it now that it's done...
hard work pays! ;)

(anyone need a product model, I can recommend you a cheap one) ;)

My original plan was to move "the beast" from the kitchen, into the main living room. However, "the beast" is exactly's a monster & P Daddy was not looking forward to moving it. When it came time to bring the china cabinet in, we decided to try it in the living room first...

and that is where she is going to stay (unless we move, cough).

This scruffed crazy china cabinet pulls my drapes full circle with the open room & "the beast" remains exactly where he is supposed to be complimenting the little kitchen chairs. Nothing matchy, I know my pal Sharae would be super proud of this decorating move (I miss you, friend).

That's all I got.

I'll be back with some random fool nonsense later...
I feel it coming on. Ha! 

Wishing y'all the WARMEST of beautiful, warm spring afternoons (because this 37 degrees on April 15th is making me want to say bad words).